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By Shruti Mishra

If the heart was not heavy all the time,

Would it float away like cumulus;

Feeling light, moving through the light?

Dispersing a tinge of pink throughout:

Bidding farewell to a rueful nostalgia

raging wild over the memories of

a thousand moments

spent over time

Floating over homes

That house people,

Some happy, some broken, some just surviving.

Gliding over brick mortar structures

That recite tales of

a child’s fury

when his mother refuses to let him go out.

A lover’s misery

because long distance is uncertain.

A wife’s fear

because the husband’s duty must go on.

In times of Corona,

Life must go on too.

But if the times were not as

Caged as they are now?

Would the heart fly away?

Breaking bondages;

Breaking hearts?

Would it for once feel light?


If it were just as light as cumulus,

Would it be easy to move on?

By Shruti Mishra

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