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Cuddly Clouds

By Stephen Mascarenhas

I feel like an angel, when I sail over you,

I feel like a bird, soaring high up above,

Are you feeling jealous, seeing me up there

Hey gentle bed of cuddly clouds so fair,

You are the most beautiful, so gorgeous so rare.

I've been thinking of you as I slowly sailed thru

I'm watching with awe, your colours mixed with blue

Is it a bed of cotton, so pure and so white

I'd want to roll over you and hold you so tight

'Tis the season when u look your beauteous best

'Tis the time when you have no chance to rest

The other side of you is the lightening and thunderous roar

It shakes up all, gives life as you bring down the heavy pour

With joy and happiness, I thank u for the refreshing rain

It takes away all our sorrows, it wipes out tears and pain

As all the trees smile out and as all life does the same

Just pour on us heavily and quit playing your hide & seek game

With every raindrop that falls from your cuddly cloudy form,

Life is nourished, awakened, enriched and transformed.

As I bid you farewell, with all my gratitude and grace,

And forever carry these memories, in my heart's sacred space.

By Stephen Mascarenhas

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