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Updated: Oct 17, 2022

By Nylvi Antony

She had nothing left… On the bed she lied pointlessly… eyes wide opened to the top ceiling and rolling round with the rhythm of the old cranky fan. She had only read in Newspapers, her thoughts were only limited to the scenes of movies, her extents were only till the articles she had read… until THIS! Tears went sideways straight to the bed differentiating itself from the drops of sweat, on her oval shaped face turned red. Be it sweat or tears… It was no more salty but tasteless! What had just happened?!! Her eyes struggled hard looking down to the floor finding her black and grey striped clothes, she had fought for, with her parents… and with HIM. She won the Dress from her parents… but had to give up in the second fight!... She closed her eyes tightly to flush out the overflowing tears and managed looking out of the closed window to find everything colorless. Yet… There is always a MIRACLE within you!!!!! A thin beam of light crossed her eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....

It had been eight years and still “Hotel” haunted her. In the eight years, she had faced the death of her parents. Other than them, the eight years has not taken away anything from her… Her regained pleasant smile, her double booster energy, her interests, her professional outstanding successes, her four years old relationship… nothing! She was on a successful and a happy path.

Being Twenty-six, she planned to give a name to her relationship and got married… Being totally engaged with the role of a wife and an outstanding performer in her profession, well, taking up a new responsibility didn’t seem to be a burden to her- The role of a mother. She was blessed with a baby boy – Aaron! Anitta, Abraham, and Aaron – The happy family!

Years passed, Aaron was two and was a pet to all, though his preference was “the super mommy”!! Aaron had so many similarities with his mom and the prominent one was his energy which he mostly used to exhaust other’s energy, and an innocent smile which he used to make others not realize the loss of their energy. He was a healthy little active kid who had all the tricks to be everyone’s favorite.

Hopping on his little pink feet he jumped over his dad’s lap that slipped the coffee mug from his hand. Intention-less of what he did he broadened his eyes and looked pale. Anitta came running and started to sweep the broken mug pieces. Feeling really pity Abraham picked up little Aaron and kissed him. Anitta contributed to it saying “Mama had already added less sugar in it! So, let’s make a coffee with more sugar! Yeah? Hi five!” Aaron laughed and clapped his hands!

At some wrong times, situation doesn’t matter to crack a romantic comment with the play of a word – “You are my Sugar babe” Abraham winked Anitta…

Anitta laughed, curving her chin up while clapping - “And you are my Rapist!” THAT WAS SERIOUSLY BLUNT!

Abraham propelled – “Huh?”

“Hmm… Hotel Estelle! Rewind ten years back my boss. Remember?!” She kept her smile stern, looked at his eyes and went inside with the broken pieces of mug.

Ten long years. She had decided the very day to marry him. She had decided to wait how much ever years together to replace the lust of his eyes with love. She had decided to show the “her” in her with four years of relationship. She had decided to be the last person to be spoiled by him. She had decided to make him dress up the wounds he had made to her.

She had the power of suffering at a young age, the power of patience while searching him in the next four years, power of dealing insecurity with four years of relationship, power of acceptance in transforming and accepting him with marriage, power of pain in gifting him a kid… She was Strong with many weak powers!

Abraham sat down out of a sudden weakness he experienced, with her unbelievable pleasant and stern smile, after burning him totally in the fire of regret, shamefulness, and respect! …

Anitta came out to find him pale and totally lost with his eyes stuck at one point dragging him back to ten years. She went close to him, patted his back up-and-down and consoled “It’s okay Abe. Everything is past and over. We are a happy family now!”

Abraham looked at her as if a Goddess and clarified – “You have suffered so much at an age of eighteen, you have suffered to search for me, to have a relationship with me, to marry me, to be with me… You have suffered a lot! Yet now YOU are consoling me!!... I mean… How come?!!!”

Anitta indeed gave a very broad smile, kept her palm on his, pressed it tightly and with a very little trace of tears, she proclaimed silently – “Because I am a WOMAN…”

“So how is the Sugar now… in coffee”

“Yeah... great! Excellent!” Abraham smiled proving that men are sometimes bad at hiding their tears!

“I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men; they are far superior and always have been.” – William Golding

By Nylvi Antony

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