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By Pratham Agarwal

He thought to himself, what could be created such that it would exist the same

way throughout time, forever and ever, have infinite forms and sequences, each of

which would induce a unique inexplicable aura in any biological being across the

cosmos; capable of penetrating the minds of intelligent beings and symbolically

revealing forms and structures of the underlying nature of things, which would

always have a mesmerising effect on the mental state of these ever evolving

beings and remind them, time and again of the silent truths which never change?

What could be fabricated such that it would always remain pure and hold within

it a beauty and peace that nothing can taint? It must be untouchable and invisible

and yet can be synthesized and made use of for its serene sensations. Something

that would transcend boundaries and yet be limited by the physical laws of the


But above all, something that imparts in a subtle and almost intoxicating way like

nothing else could. Something capable of inducing every possible passion and of

delivering multiple vibes in all possible permutations.

He thought about all the qualities and properties that this very instinctive and

distinct form could possess and after a span of intense pensive states, he arrived

at it finally.

It would later come to be known by the fragile beings of a tiny planet revolving

around an average star in the outer spiral arm of a modest galaxy floating

somewhere in the expanse of space, as Music.

By Pratham Agarwal

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