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Cravings Of The Heart

By Vani Bansal

As she runs his memories one more time

thinking about him sitting still in her car this one night

she climbs the ladder

reaching the shelf, onto the book- titled “memories-but no regrets”

hidden behind books piled high in her private library

As she flips the pages one more time

sitting by the window in her moving car

She sees the moon lighting the sky with his golden hue

shining his yellow light in the night with no stars

She was too fond of him,

too fond to know she was the hour gone by

while for her he was the hour she felt alive

she has befriended the moon while she peeks out

eyes glued to the sky dyed royal blue

As she sits by the window thinking about him,

she wonders if it is too late to still knock on the windowsill

If she would still be recognized

Still be seen and felt

Or what if she is forgotten like the old grandma's tales

Sitting by the window in her moving car

she looks at the moon seeming close yet too far

Thinking if he too has the little cravings of the heart

By Vani Bansal

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