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By Nishika Tyagi

Among other things, there's always some things that are louder in life, just like my cravings. Today I find myself craving for other nights that are filled with stars, craving for night where I read you stories of love, stories of tragedy, bravery, or lust, the forgotten and of the demons. The stories that I loved. The stories that I cried at. The stories that made me laugh. The stories that made my cheeks red. The stories that kept me awake all night. I want to discuss those cliché self-help books with you that I never understood. I crave for the nights where I cry my heart out but few moments later, I can't breathe because I am laughing too hard, just to cry once again, only to smile and laugh at last.

The nights when we leave our fabrics behind with the carpet and the love that I craved for all my life finally stands in front of me. The nights where the moon, the music, the wine, your skin on mine and the sound of your voice, they all align. I crave for the nights where I'm all about life and philosophies. I crave for the nights where I start to draw but I forget to stop, where poetry and words runs wild through my veins like they are all a part of me. I crave for the night on which my sleep is intense and full of dreams. Dream that become my small worlds of adventures. I crave for the nights on which I feel anxious or passionate, frightened or sad, divine or magical. I crave for the nights I feel something. Anything. At all. Because those are the nights that I feel like I'm alive. And I crave to be alive tonight.

By Nishika Tyagi

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