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Conversations- Matters Of Intimacy

By Aryashree

Him: I want to hear you play the violin.

Her: No, no way. I suck at it.

Him: Everybody sucks at the beginning. Then you get better at it.

Her: True. . But how do I play knowing it isn’t good enough?

Him: That’s for me to decide whether you’re good or not.

Her: You should know that I have never played for anybody. Ever.

Him: I do know that. You should know that I will always cherish it.

Her: My music?

Him: Yes. But also, that you played for me. It means something to me.

Her: How could it mean anything at all?

Him: I don’t know. . There’s something intimate about having your girl play for you.

Her: How is this intimate? We are not even with each other right now.

Him: You get closer to a person when they show a part of themselves only to you, right? That is how intimacy transcends. It goes beyond just the presence of a physical element. Kind of like music.

Her: You are like music to me.

Him: We all are to somebody. We all are.

By Aryashree

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