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By Shellee Mahakud

“Do we need to adjust to the surrounding,

or do we build our own ground?”

Its said don’t get attached to people, you might end up getting hurt,

Then what is it meant when we are said to spend time with our loved ones?

Love yourself first is what always been told to us,

Then why are we selfish when we think about ourselves first?

Wishing for material things is what the world called greediness,

Then will becoming a Hermit away from these hustles makes me a coward?

Being alone is what they say you will know yourself better,

But then why this makes them feel I have got a lot attitude?

Is it a fault that I like to stay silent and speak when its needed,

Am I acting rude because I just like observing more?

The world put its contrasting sentence before they utter one,

How can I devote my life to this world of uncertainty!

If I hear the world how can I be honest with myself,

then why are we criticized when we go for our individual dreams?

We can’t be attached to people not to material things,

We have to control our emotions and act strong every time.

I don’t know why are we build with emotions when we cant show them,

Are we just workers to devote our life to the kingdom?

Then why do we have dreams and why are they being crashed?

If they are useless why do we feel pain and lifeless?

Why can’t we have what we want to get?

Then the feeling of wanting should not be there!

The world puts its contrasting sentence before they utter one,

So how can I devote my life to this world of uncertainty?

By Shellee Mahakud

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