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Confidence Without Clarity

Updated: May 30, 2023

By Mohit Khandelwal

Both the C’s are necessary to get success in our life. Missing of any C word can play the havoc in your life. Or we can say that Confidence without clarity is always a disaster for us. As we know that confidence gives us that power through which we can overcome any of the fear, obstacle coming to our way. Similarly clarity gives us a vision of looking at the hurdles, the stones which are lying in our way. Clarity helps in developing the steps that what to be done first and what to be done in subsequent steps. Without clarity we can’t get into success or overcome the hurdles which were there in our way. Confidence tells you that “YES” you can do it. But, clarity tells you that “HOW” you have to do it in the most efficient manner. Clarity helps you in doing work in a mannered way without any disruption. Sometimes people don’t understand that if you want to achieve goals in the long term then there must be 2 things: Confidence and Clarity in mind. Without confidence and clarity there are many things which you will not be able to achieve or if you will be able to achieve then it will take more time than the usual time. In life we have often met 3 categories of people. First category is that of a person who doesn’t believe in themselves. They always feel doubtful about their capabilities, their potential, their aptitude etc. Second category of persons are those who have a lot of confidence in them, they believe in their competence and potential but they have no clarity about how to use the opportunities which are present or steps what and when to be taken while achieving their dreams or goals. Third category of people is those who have a lot of confidence and clarity about their beliefs, their capabilities and their potentials and eventually know about how to capitalize the opportunities. People without confidence are those who are dependent on their luck. They will succeed or collapse no one knows and you should avoid the company of such a person who doesn’t have confidence because those who are doubtful about their potential, they can’t give you positive vibes. Now let me tell you an instance of 3 peoples named A, B & C. Brief description of their character is, A is pessimistic in nature. B is a confident person but doesn’t know how to use the opportunities and he has no clarity in his mind about what steps to follow and when to follow to achieve his targets. While C is a confident person and having clarity in his mind. Now suppose if you give them a task then how they will complete and what will be their mind set. I am just trying to tell you about their mindset. Suppose that there are 3 dark rooms in which some precious stones are kept and along with that there is one dead snake in each room lying on the floor which will not change his position but no one amongst them is aware about the snake whether he is dead or alive. Now all of them were told to enter the room and can switch on the lights once only when they found it useful and get the precious stones.

Now the competition starts, A will give up early as he is not confident enough to enter the room and bring back the precious stones present in the room. He will say if the stones are my luck then it will come to me in any situation so why enter the room and abstain from the snake. These types of people hardly work hard and hardly get success in life. In one or two situations their luck can work but not in all situations. So it is better not to become such a person and better to avoid such a person to be part of your life.

Now it’s the time for B to enter the room. He is confident enough that he will get the precious stones. But he has no clarity in his mind about what steps to be followed. When he was given the option to switch on the light he didn’t use it because he believes that in a small room he can easily search for stones without keeping his feet on the snake. It took him around an hour to search for the precious stones in the dark and during his search operations he kept his feet several times on the snake but he didn’t switch on the light. He came out with the precious stones after one hour. These types of people get success but in getting success it takes several years. They don’t know how to capitalize the opportunities.

Now it’s the time for C to enter. He is confident enough as well as knows how to grab the opportunities. As soon as he enters the room he switches on the light first and starts observing at various things available in the room to know where they are kept exactly. In 5 minutes he came to know about the place of the snake, about the place of precious stones. He switches off the light and moves towards the place where the stones are kept. In 10 minutes he completed his task and won the competition.

When the results were announced judges asked B and C, what they had done. B replied “I was confident enough but did not have that much clarity in my mind about what I should do while entering the room and I didn’t find it useful to switch on the light so it took time while searching the stones”. C replied, “Once the task was given, I was confident enough that I would complete this task as well as scared enough about the snake. But then I have decided that as soon as I enter the room I will switch on the light to monitor the snake movement. But after 5 minutes I became sure that snake was dead. That boosted up my confidence and I was easily able to reach the precious stones that helped me win this competition”.

Moral of the story or the message which I just want to convey to you is that, if you are not confident enough or if you don’t have faith on your potentials then you are living a below average life. If you are confident enough but don’t have the clarity then I must say that you are living an average life which most of us are living. But, if you are confident enough with the clarity then you are living an extraordinary life which most of us just dream.

So, just don’t be those people who have confidence, be the person who has confidence and clarity both at the same time.


By Mohit Khandelwal

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