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Concealed Cravings

Updated: Feb 22

By Vinayak Ramesh

Amidst the crowd, a longing heart,

Aching for solace, yearning for a fresh start.

Sucked by the holes in a solid ground,

Devoured by the darkness as I plummet down.

Each passing face, a mere facade,

Seeking attention of the compassionate squad.

Like a ghost, the soul wanders in the midst,

Unseen, unheard, on a lonely tryst.

Hollow words, devoid of substance and poise,

Empty vessel makes the loudest noise.

Lost in the void, lost in the fears,

The emotions reverberate, but fall on deaf ears.

Living the life of a ghost,

My heart passes through all the posts.

Someone in a gathering cracked a funny joke,

My smile is as wide as an empty cloak.

Navigating through the oceans of gray,

Keeping my emotions at the bay.

Hanging in there, for this storm to pass,

Hoping that the sun will shine on this greener grass.

The mind could be deceived to pretend it’s fine,

That there could be respite with passing time.

But deep down the heart knows the truth prevails,

That the grip of isolation never fails.

Yearning for ease,

Want to rest in peace.

The moments got seized,

And my heart got squeezed.

This is too overwhelming to cope

No point in waiting for the rope,

Cause the mind and heart have lost its hope

And is ready to depart this mystery globe.

For all the listening ears who didn’t have any clue,

Because the soul was confused with the boiling emotions in the stew.

Behind the laughter that I wear,

Lies a tormented soul drowned in despair.

By Vinayak Ramesh

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Anusuya Narayanan
Anusuya Narayanan
Sep 13, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Most favorite line: "Lost in the void, lost in the fears,

The emotions reverberate, but fall on deaf ears."

Very apt for today's world. Thoughtful words!

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