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Cometh The Hour

By Rithika Lyer

Daughter of the Earth, they say

Oh Mother, why make me pay

For revenge and lust of a man that day

Who sought to destroy all in his way?

An exile ordered by kin

Is love in this world so fragile and thin?

But I will stick by him to spin

His frown into a beautiful grin

The mark of misery

On that heavenly face filled with glory

Marked the beginning of a story

With love and a battle so gory

Thirteen years had passed

From the time we were cast

By family into jungles so vast

What I did not expect

Were anguish and disrespect

For an act meant to protect

The consequence of impulse and reject

I was told and warned

To stay put and sound

Till both returned with the deer adorned

For me and my greed beyond

But, a brother with a vengeful thought

Deceived me in minutes unsought

My screams in deep distraught

Were futile in a hopeless fraught

Oh! My desire and need

For a deer of a golden breed

Led my heart to bleed

For not paying any heed

There I was, in deceptive heaven of sorts

But amidst a brawl of vile snorts

My heart beat only for you

Dreaming of our moments too few

I yearned for us two

And Felt my embrace in your arms so blue

I retired to relief

Every night in a hopeful belief

For I knew you will come for me

To release and set me free

You fought with all and came

To protect and claim your dame

But all my acclaim was put to shame

When my chastity was seen to blame

What sort of a test

Did I have to best?

To prove to you and attest

That I wasn't stained, in deep detest

Was our love so weak?

That a few words made you critique

My devotion, Oh! How wretched and bleak

I am leaving with words to diss

You and your actions amiss

But thank you for every bliss

That I cannot forget and dismiss

By Rithika Lyer

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