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Come To My Realm

By Ashik

Longing is a dreadful feeling. To be heard, to be seen and to be touched. The heart wants it all and wants it everyday. It wants you to sing, laugh, cry, sulk and dance. It wants you to celebrate something with someone. It wants you to do weird things. It makes you long for people and things that you know. It also makes you long for things that you do not know. It wants you to throw a pebble and it also wants you to keep them safe in a jar. It wants a purpose to exist but throws away the book of logic when in love. It wants you to not hurt but falls in love with suffering and kisses you where it hurts the most. It longs for pain and joy. It wants you to live in peace but invites chaos to add spice. It wants you to slaughter your present in hopes of a better future. After you have done everything that it wants, it still keeps longing for something. Inevitably, everyday you and I will keep longing for something that we will never get but I wish for you to get it someday and tell me how it feels. Until then I will stay put pondering in a lake under the stars in a realm built and blessed by my dreams. You will come see me, won’t you ?

By Ashik

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