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Colourful Times

By Jayasri

She Never knew someone would be like this,

why its always you?

why you are always shooting daggers at her?

she look nothing but your eyes, for a full second maybe,

and she see the thing which she always used to see


expected, not surprised

"enemies" thats what people call them,

u heard that too, right

and smirks at that too right,

but nobody needs to know that,

you are the baddest person she always hears,

But now,

“best friends forever” they tattowed,

you remember that sunset? she asked,

they looked at each other

and laughs about their stupid glaring session of their enemy phase

but she says

everytime u sensed my facade everytime u try to speak with me

but ,

it all changes at that one timewhen u see me

real me

the broken one i afraid to show

u stand for me when those my so called friends bullied me

forced me to be the one I despises,

Forced me to hurt others,

this is cool they says,

but i dont know how to say no

i just wanna have friends

but the past me didnt know which people are the real

u try to save me from losing my self

losing my peace

save me from becoming someone i will never be

u always opposed the group i was in the back

people call us enemies

but u showed me how to say no

promises me to become my friend

try to always make my day pleasant

but what is the reason she asks,

why did you try to save her ?

Everybody asks?

that so called enemy of her says,

cause its too hard to glare at you,

its too hard to not see the real you,

not able to see the everglowing smile of yours fading,

when you are with them,

too hard to not see the another me in your eyes,

and again

she thought,

she never knew some one would be like this. J:)

By Jayasri

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