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Choices By Chance

By Deeksha Chugh Bagla

Someone asked me one day

“You are here, by choices or by chance?”

And I answered, “By Chance”

By chance I am here,

By chance I choose the one particular thing that I don’t want to choose,

By chance I gave it to myself,

And seriously!!!

My whole life is” By Chance???”

As I thought that I put all the baggage of responsibility on that “Chance”

But really?

It was like that??


Should I think about it one more time?

Because all the decisions were taken by my own choices

I choose to do the things, whatever was the reason

Yes of course, the reasons were not my fault

But I choose to stay there in that by chance situation

I choose to not being daring or selfish.

We all have that second choice which we don’t want to take for the sake of our own dignity, safety or whatever is the reason.

There is always a second gate,

Where the path can be difficult but may be satisfactory in the end.

Must remember

“Our life is the history of our own choices that were taken by chance in the past.”

By Deeksha Chugh Bagla

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