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Change My Flight

By Roshi Srivastava

In the middle of the night, when there was no light,

with fear in my heart, I just couldn’t fight;

Lost, in the jungle of hopes, my heart roared,

and there go my eagle eyes, that forgot the door;

Was it that moment I wanted something more?

Sitting under the shade, with no reflection of self,

I peeped into my past, which seemed like an empty well;

A tree as small as an ant to the Sun, standing mighty fighting the morning star,

So, why couldn’t I erase my fading past scars

Was it the moment I decided to drive my car?

Like a deer that swam swayed by the fish,

I took the wrong turn, I shouldn’t now I wish;

I stood alone, again, lost in the maze of my thoughts,

like a bird in a cage, that has been caught;

It was the moment I thought-Enough! I have been through a lot!

And there was this rain, my soul was in pain,

I picked up my abandoned pen,

decided to pour my heart out again;

Suddenly, the star came up, and there was light

, My life now seems like a paper plane white;

Was it the moment that I decided to find my light?

Little by little, when I read myself this time,

Page after page, that empty well started to fill with signs;

Signs that I ignored the Universe gave,

I finally understood myself, an astrologer’s way,

A woman unlike the moon, shining with its light,

And that was the moment, I decided, to change my flight, to change my flight!

By Roshi Srivastava

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