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By Shradha Shintre-Reynu

Now that I am older there’s so much more I realise

When I think back, it cuts me right to size

From when I was little, maybe a foot and half

Was totally dependent as helpless as a calf

I was fed, cleaned, entertained and Loved

I was taught right from wrong as a way to be lived

Right from school work, to all the classes I took

You were right there, I just had to turn around and look

Through every discomfort and illness you were there by my side

Suffered and made it your own, keeping vigil and staying all night

Every want, every emotion you understood

Even my silence, my wrath, my temperament never your love shook

My successes, failures and triumphs were your very own

Tears of happiness, sorrow and pain have your pure love shown

Forgetting yourself, You lived your life as mine

Hiding all your troubles, you’ve wanted me to shine ✨

I feel so humbled and grateful when I see your beautiful face

Having you in my Life is all His Grace…

I needed not to worship an alter or go any place

For I realised it was Him Camouflaged in the form of your face!!! *2

By Shradha Shintre-Reynu

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Jawed Ansari Hair Academy
Jawed Ansari Hair Academy
Jan 25, 2023

Just out of the world ! The way you think !


Unknown member
Jan 20, 2023

Wow. Excellent


Krutika Kulkarni
Krutika Kulkarni
Jan 19, 2023

Loved the title... And the contents too. 😊


Reshma Parvani
Reshma Parvani
Jan 19, 2023

i am your fan!! Amazing


Unknown member
Jan 18, 2023

Very well written amazing

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