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By The Sea

By Mehul Soni

Walking by the sea, waves touching her feet,

Taking in the mesmerizing scene;

She smiles as the memories flow in…

Tears kiss her cheeks and the eyes close.

Crisp morning breeze flowing,

A young lady of twenty steps out;

Beautiful she is, sparkle in her eyes;

As awaits there the one who stole her heart.

Oh so handsome! More than anyone,

Rose in his hand, arms open for her.

Seeing this, smiles she; joy in her heart;

Even the rose feels shy in front of that beauty!

“ I announce you man and wife”;

A promising hand slips into hers,

And she is assured of his unconditional love

Happily they leave as the Church bell rings.

“Mom!” calls a child, her eyes open;

And there shatters the memory.

Taking the child in arms comes he,

Smiling she paces back to her son and beloved.

By Mehul Soni

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