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Breaking The Curse

By Sentienla Walling

Trapped under a curse of Oizys,

A spell that feeds on your despair

In darkness you dwell.

Like a crevice on a rock,

Breaking apart with passing time

You close your eyes, hoping it’s your last.

With every breath, a familiar voice calls your name.

A fragment of your old self,

A hug that feels like sunlight,

She holds you tight,

A glimmer of hope catches your eyes.

To break away from a cruse so vile

Only needing to find yourself,

Realising your worth

Because even in a tiny crevice,

A flower blooms with all its might.

With every step toward the yellow brick road

Oizys shrinks and crumbles,

You watch her disappear,

Till there is nothing but dust.

By Sentienla Walling

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