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​Box In The Attic

By Aishwarya Mundkar

What is the Mystery?

Just some uncomprehended history?

Unanswered questions,

And wild assumptions..?

There’s box in our attic,

Which pours me with inquires frantic,

Neither so big to fit some whomping willow,

Nor unnoticingly small, maybe around size of pillow…

It has some engraved beauties..

Does it contain list of family duties??

Dared to touch it once, it’s cold and made of stone

It might have everyone’s secret boon..?

I wish it has key to my special gift door,

Does it contain the invoice of what special everyone wants from store?

Or it has everyone’s voice in it?

Maybe it has everyone’s crucial choice in it…?

Like Pandora’s box it can be,

Details of mystery might make me hateful;

Maybe containing pieces of Bruno’s prediction,

Arranging might bring circumstances fateful..!


Will it have a brush to draw reality?

Or new perspective to every actuality?

I wish it to have some hidden power,

I hope it has secrets of strength;

Like Moana, finding out her passion,

I might come across of my own wavelength…

I hope it has precious memories,

Some very long Stories –

Of love and trust,

Not just to enjoy but also to connect;

To remain Familiar in family and close and intact…!

I wish it has special task for everyone,

Binding us together always…

Holding each other when needed,

Just to ensure support, when life hits with unexpected sways.

One day I’ll check it out,

Try to figure out reason behind it’s existence,

Understand, what’s in it?

And if doesn’t contain any remains,




I’ll start anew,

Collect and place,

Memories and valuables few…

So that,

When living hearts stop throbbing for each other,

I hope, this inanimate thing ,

To carry The Legacy further….!

By Aishwarya Mundkar

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