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Books Reading Humans

By Barkha Poptani

"Bring me a next human this one is done",said book 1 to book 2


" This one looks good, let's read this human today,

Chapter 1: the brain - says it all, the neurons firing

And the every cell it crawl, says greediness is the key, says begrudgingly it leads

This human has the potential to achieve, a family to feed still processing the ways to redeem

A perfect plan he is in but ohh the envy is within,

A shortage of success was there but a kind heart I hope

But It turned to an evil, a monster he's feeding

He wants to get fame, a spotlight he wants, even worked on the ways he drove apart

He was unaware he chose a wrong path

In envy he started a fake card

Chapter 2: the heart - says it has ruined here, the aorta is getting blocked day by day, he's getting mere

He's heartbroken, a failure in life, he got to choose between what is right

He went for a hunt where he could compile

But strewed his face instead and the kindness complied

He wanted to be a good person but his deeds expiled

Though it was never late and a way to success was never denied

The heart suggest to believe in hope,

The brain says to move it to another rope

An honest path to late acheivement or a quick amoral access to early proposal"

Book 2: "wait a sec book don't read the conclusion

We will just assume the results based on the humans connection"

Book 1: "okay let's jump to the suspected end

Chapter 3: the final decision- says he won the hearts, he believed in loyality at the last"

The competition to both of them got a pin

A book read a human within

By Barkha Poptani

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