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Book Of Life

By Khushi Khatib

Life is a book

Of chapters 3.

The past, the present, the yet to be.

We plan so much; for the yet to be

And never forget in the past what we see

The present is never paid heed.

The past is something

That cannot be changed.

It will remain forever,

As it was first arranged.

Present is the part; we seem to forget.

It determines our today, our target.

End of yesterday

Dawn of tomorrow

We see who we really are,

In Today’s shadow.

Tomorrow rises a new day

Not in consequence with yesterday.

All try to shape; unknowing

Not knowing, what it will bring.

Most think this book, ‘Life’

Was written before we

But; it is the diary of the free

Who have gumption to write

Their own story.

Have something more to think,

Than the past history and forthcoming mystery.

By Khushi Khatib

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Unknown member
Jan 16, 2023

Only the individual can decide how to navigate his life.


Unknown member
Jan 15, 2023



Unknown member
Jan 15, 2023

Very uplifting and apt description of life itself


Unknown member
Jan 14, 2023

Life summed up in a nutshell


Unknown member
Jan 14, 2023


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