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Black, White And Greys

By Mehul Soni

Someone once told me;

“Life is not always black or white,

It has its greys too !”

Is that really true ?

Once a house full of cheerfulness,

Warmth, light and love;

My heart is now a prisoner of loneliness

Crawling into a darker alley.

Oh, how my soul longs

For the warm caress of the sunshine !

But Alas ! It is rewarded with nothing more

Than freezing, cold and dark nights.

My heart is now weary

Of running around in the alley,

Searching for a window of hope

Ready to surrender to the dreadful cage of melancholy.

The last of hopes of White and Greys

Are now fading away like the retreating sun.

The dead of the night has overshadowed

And overpowered the last bit of White.

The soul has now found a home in the darkness,

At last conceded defeat against the solitude.

How I wish I could have saved that –

Which has drowned into the depths of BLACK…

By Mehul Soni

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