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Birthday Wishes To Laurie

By Zubin Naushad. A

There was once a mighty storm;

And lightening was there too.

And inside the building was a form

Of godliness descending in the room.

The hospital was bursting with joy,

And the doctors were messaging through e-devices.

But wait, this is the story of another boy!

This poem is on Laurie's birth surprises!

Saint Michael was standing near the midwife,

On a fine day on November '96.

And her brother was seated, expecting the new life,

And God made the fix.

A baby was born, full of grace and love,

It's mark made in two countries,

Living her life innocent as a dove,

She was either in prayer or in pantries! 😂

She rises early to greet the Lord,

And expects Him to greet her back.

She gives to His people more than she could afford,

And He's blessed her without a lack.

She has a great destiny -

One to fulfill before her time.

That's unfolding each day, large and tiny,

That's all, I can't further rhyme.

Wishing you a great birthday this November,

Just like the last year.

Because you are far and near,

As our little gang's Friend and Seer.

By Zubin Naushad. A

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