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Birthday Wish

By Devanshi Assija

Taehyung’s P.O.V

Standing at my balcony looking at the night sky full of stars, I stood admiring the moon which looked so sad without the stars yet as beautiful as always.

Today is 30th Dec, my birthday. Honestly it was a great day for me as I celebrated it with my family and the boys. Meeting the ami on Vlive, doing a birthday live, getting wishes from people all over the world and celebrating your birthday.. it all just made me so happy and relaxed. Yet,she was not there with me. The one person because of whom I am here was not present in my happiness today...again. I was pulled back to reality with a knock on my door. Going up to my door, I asked Jimin to come in.

Jimin: What were you doing?

Me: Nothing much, just gazing at the moon.

Jimin: Sigh You are missing her again aren’t you? Tae, I understand she owns a big part of your heart but isn't it bad to wait for someone this long... but you are like this every year. I sometimes wonder….does she still reciprocate the feelings you both had back then?

Me: To be honest..... I don’t know... I don’t think she does.... but.. all that she has done for me.. all those moments, those memories, that guilt of not confessing to her that day is bugging me till today.. and till today, she is the only woman i have seen as my partner.

Jimin: I badly wanna say- damn you are being so romantic that even straight men would fall for you- but seeing that gloomy face of yours i am not able to you know.

Laughing, I asked him why he came here at the first place.

Jimin: Ah yeah, I forgot. Hehe. Everyone is gathered outside and are playing so i came to invite you to. Aaannnddd i am not gonna take a no for answer. Stop thinking about her now and come.

Saying this I was very ‘respectfully’ dragged out of my room and thoughts.

Nobody’s P.O.V

Everyone was gathered in the living room seated on the floor with a bottle in Jungkook's hand.

Namjoon: Ya what took you guys so long huh? Anyways, come and play with us tae.

Seating himself between j-hope and jimin, he asked what the game was about.

Jungkook: The game goes like whosoever the bottle stops on will tell a story about their first love.

Jin: Okay so I am going to spin the bottle okay. And.. the bottle stops onnn- yoongi!!!

Taehyung: Cmon hyung tell us how did you meet your first love~ smirking a little bit teasing the lil meow meow

Yoongi: Yeah yeah! So... she was this girl in my class. We were really good friends and she always used to help me with everything and all so I thought that she also had feelings for me but, when i was about to confess to her, i saw her accepting the transfer student’s proposal.

Jimin: So basically you never confessed?

Yoongi nodded and hurriedly took the bottle.

After few rounds:-

Namjoon: Finally it’s the birthday boy’s turn. Come on guys cheer up. Woohoo!!

Taehyung: Aish nooo! Mine story is boring and really long so how about some other day hmm? Hoping they will agree

Suga: Nope! Not gonna happen! You made me tell my story now tell yours too.

Jin and Jungkook: And we all are free right now.

Taehyung:Sigh Fine!

Taehyung’s P.O.V

As I began telling them the story of my first love... I slowly went into flashback.


It was 2012 and I was coming back from the audition after asking for some time to think after they proposed to me an offer of becoming a trainee. That time, there was only one person i trusted completely and it was none other than my bestie, my partner in crime, my biggest motivation, my everything, Y/N.

I went to her house and told her about everything. How I went to support my friend at the audition and how I ended up getting an offer to become a trainee there. I also told her I couldn’t decide that whether i should be a trainee or not because even though the idea seemed fascinating to me, i was nervous- nervous to mess it all up.At that time she was the one who helped me decide what i really wanted and never left my side during the difficult times.

Then, when I officially signed up as a trainee, I went to tell that to her but all i got was a letter stating y/n left somewhere and didn’t tell when she will be returning.

Flashback ends.

Taehyung:I.....i still remember the letter.... she said she would always be there.. for me. Then why did she leave? She wrote in the letter that she would come once she is a successful person but.. when hyung? I- I don’t even know if she still remembers me or not.

I was crying all along till I got pulled into someone's embrace-the embrace that always calms me down.

Nobody’s P.O.V

Taking him in for a tight hug, j hope kept whispering soothing words in his ear to calm him down.

Everyone in that room couldn’t believe that their goofiest brother was crying so miserably for a girl.

Jhope: Shh, it’s going to be okay, hmm?

Namjoon:Yes tae,it’s your decision after all so you do what you think is right okay.

Jungkook: Yes hyung. And don’t forget we all are here for you always.

Suga: I think we all should now sleep since we have that new brand ambassador of ‘Reyla clothing’ coming tomorrow.

Saying this, they all went to sleep.

The next day


BTS were chilling in the lobby when one of their staff came towards them and said that the brand ambassador had arrived outside. When they all reached outside to welcome her, there was someone who received a big ass shock.

Taehyung’s P.O.V

As soon as I saw who they were, I felt like the land under my feet disappeared all of a sudden. Noticing the shock, the members asked what happened but after my reply they all were as shocked as me.

I couldn’t believe that my one and only love was here.. the brand ambassador of

‘Reyla clothing’ was my y/n.

Timeskip ( after the meeting)

Pd-nim: So it was really nice meeting with you and I hope to work together in the future too.

He spoke while shaking hands with y/n.

Pd-nim: Ah sorry guys I gotta go. I have another meeting to attend to. So, boys, would you mind giving her a tour of the company?

After he left, y/n spoke.

Y/N:Am i not even getting a hug after so many years..? Ah looks like you didn’t miss me-

Not letting her finish, Taehyung hugged her or more likely squeezed her in his huge arms.

Taehyung:Where were you huh? Do you know I missed you so much? Every day I wished to go back to that day and confess to you. I thought you forgot me-

Cutting his words by placing her lips on his, y/ n shutted him up with a passion and love filled kiss.

Y/N: I am so sorry for making you wait but here i am hmm? I came back just as I promised. But do I.. still have a chance have a gf..?

Taehyung:What do you want it to be?

Y/N: I think you don’t have a gf..?

Taehyung: congratulations, your guess is right.

Saying this he was about to kiss her but-


Flinched, they turned to look at them.

Jin:Stop making us feel single-

Laughing to themselves they nodded and got separated from each other.

Jimin:At last, your wish is fulfilled.

By Devanshi Assija

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