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Betrayal To Nature

By Sulekha Tewari

O Greedy human! You vacated my woods,

And abducted my freshets,

I detest you for being rude,

And bring a free tenet.

You took away my chastity,

By scandalous permeation,

But stained my womb cavity,

With corpses of creation.

Which path to take?

Where should I go and breathe?

Why are you making pimpled tree ache?

Should I bestow upon them the wreathe.

O ‘E’ man, tender shoots have trembled,

Tiny mouths are stitched,

Petal drums dissembled,

When echoes are pitched.

You stabbed my bosom with venom,

You were always a serpent,

My favourite colour disappeared from my charm,

And made my heart lament.

Sand felt like wax to me,

Death rushed in a hurry,

You made me gape at your treachery,

And charged me an inconsumable fee.

My ‘bleeding hearts’ are clawed,

While no blood rained,

Its petals suffering drought,

Blood scorched from pain.

No Amaryllis appeared,

Twenty-fifth had passed,

My daughter disappeared,

Your ravening surpassed.

Black air burnt the skills,

Reading grasshopper possessed,

He moaned with ills,

When he was repressed.

The river turned into inky sack,

And woods wore costume of desert,

Sand melted into wax,

To burn me and to pervert.

Bunch of violets lost their soul,

Horns of summer rays haunted,

Shivering and quivering on the whole,

Still stood undaunted.

I was shivering from affliction,

Milbert’s turned numb,

I was still screaming calmly,

The Canary turned dumb.

My gills turned pale,

Plastics plunged like net,

I lost my tiny whale,

O human! You are a threat.

But I still love you human,

And will satisfy your greed,

I want you to take solution,

And don’t make me bleed.

I want an execution,

To turn me green,

Don’t create confusion,

Let my leaves be seen.

By Sulekha Tewari

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