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Beauty Of Dreams.

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

By Rinu John

Heart beating loud, palms turned cold

lumps in my throat, where to hide?

Everyday fear through my spine

was the last two years of high school.

Days were dark as fell into pits

emotionally desperate mentally weak .

They asked me why I’ll explain it well

“As academic failures piled up high is

just the reason to walk through this”.

Bid farewell to the school

darkest days were over I guessed.

Yes the days were bright

my smiles stayed up right, but

nights were no longer to rest .

The past kept haunting me,

demons were within

not under the bed that took away peace.

Voids in soul stayed without my consent.

Sadness filled up till the brim and

swallowed my thoughts of reality that

made me exhausted to push forward

towards my fantasy of saving lives.

Fought for two years ,

‘failed' to the world but earned life.

The road took a different turn that

I never thought would be on.

Fantasy broke the shield, reality came into life.

Regret carved on the walls of my heart as

fantasy was different from reality.

Days passed by and somehow felt

home and warm cause the presence from

above mad me feel light as feather

could now fly as high.

Hope overflowed the jars and dreams turned new

I can now see the roads leading to life.

The paths are clear not easy I know

but that would help me to grow.

The marks on my heart were washed away and

happiness flowed in as blood in my veins.

Facing my fears to cross the bridge of doubts

that leads to confidence and growth.

I’ll take my time to adapt new acts.

Now I know why the paths were

crushed and narrow, glad to walk through with

the strength gained from love around.

My heart beats for life not of fear

hand holding pen for my future

clearing my throat for the voice inside

to see the world of my dreams.

By Rinu John

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