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By Khushboo Sharma

Oh Lord of heavens!

Maker of beauty and glamours

Pardon me, your majesty

In this kingdom thy,

I ask the reason for your partiality

I ask why, to some you gift beauty in trance

That they shine bright as a Chandelier

Some you make ugly, dusty and dull

That they hide and escape from society's sneer.

Looks like a piece is missing in my panorama

Confusion and curiosity surge

Show me a way out of this dilemma, I urge.

Oh dweller of Earth!

Has all your insight settled down in hearth?

Only in humans, enormous brains I embedded

I am fazed still, why don't you think clear-headed?

For some the fairness, thick brows, sharp nose,

High cheekbones and gorgeous large eyes

For others, tall, fit physique, messy, curly locks

And a peacock like neck might suffice.

To come up with a new definition of beauty

Each one of you tries

Unaware of the fact that

It is in the eyes of the onlooker

Where the beauty really lies.

Lips curl up, eyes crinkle at the corners when you smile

Liveliness thrums, lighting up even loners, once in a while

Healing wounded souls with soft words, ebbing crime

Carrying goodwill in the heart, enthusiasm and confidence shining in eyes is purely sublime.

Beautiful is the character, morale and personality

Rich, free thoughts, hopefulness and determination make one pretty

This indeed is what I call Beauty.

By Khushboo Sharma

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