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Beautiful Pain

By Dr.Priyasha Panda

The wild sea roars

with all its might,

pierces the softness of bright full moon light;

The aches and pains

it has devoured since the last no moon night,

are released to penetrate the kingdom of moon’s delight.

Merging with the wind, these echoes,

lay out the curves of high tides;

The crests and troughs dance like loose end of a white saree

And highlight the aching night’s glory.

The moon changes its attire

And the sea adapts;

There’s pain,

There’s beauty.

Let’s vibe with these rhythms

Like the Peace & Depth

of the Moon & the Sea,

In our Love and Smiles.

Let not the dark phases drown you

Nor let your dark sides consume you,

Embrace pain with acceptance and

Release your magical beauty,

Like the Moon and the Sea.

By Dr.Priyasha Panda

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