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Beautiful Mind

By Raaima Damania

Our mind is so beautiful.

Take a moment to appreciate please.

It is so unique and miraculous.

It makes us a distinct species.

What wonders can a mind do?

We haven’t fully uncovered.

But so much beauty is hidden,

In the subconscious, discovered.

What we think is alright.

But there is so much more,

That goes on in the back of our mind.

We have lots to explore.

There is no such issue,

Which a human mind can’t solve.

Innovation and intelligence both here,

Can fix any problem that does evolve.

With so little knowledge that we have,

Look at the wonders we can do.

What if we get full control?

Would magic become real too?

The only thing we haven’t explored much yet.

Is our own beautiful mind.

Trust me once we do.

We’ll be surprised by what we find!

By Raaima Damania

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