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Be You

By D. Jenita Pushpa

Age 6.

When she was quiet,

She was complained for her silence.

When she opened her mouth,

She was mocked terribly.

She returned home crying.

Age 12.

When she spoke with her heart,

She was criticized as a talkative.

When she zipped her mouth,

She was frowned and gossiped as an arrogant.

She was perplexed.

Age 18.

When she came forward with her ideas,

She was shun as she was too young.

When she struggled to give her opinion,

She was rebuked as a useless.

She was exhausted.

Age 22.

When she uttered, ‘yes’, though in discomfort,

She was praised and stuffed with more work.

When she said, ‘no’, deliberately and politely,

She was doomed and hated vividly.

She understood people with heavy heart.

Age 23.


She is speaking in her time.

Being silent in her time.

She is doomed and gossiped and hated more.

She has decided to take them nevermore.

She has promised to speak for her evermore.

By D. Jenita Pushpa

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