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Avoid The Void

By Anubhuti Saha

There are voids all around,

whether be it inside an atom, amidst the ocean of neutrons, protons and electrons

Or be it a bunch of sparkling stars of a galaxy forming the constellations

Ignoring the voids, the nature continues to carve itself, following the Fibonacci series

Be it a rose to cherish

or a Monalisa with a blemish

micro to macro entities, all trajectories itself into golden spiral

as if it’s something called a spiritual circle

either you travel from the centre to infinity or infinity to the centre

You want it or not, you are engineered to be this ultimate spiral’s disciple

As it exists in our each and every DNA spiral

What if we fall of the trajectories?

Either right or left of it, there exists an ocean of darkness, emptiness

In the world of human, it is synonymic to the word called void and fear

Left with no programmed path to follow

I say, tear the fear and avoid the void

And step into creator’s centroid

Then the flux of golden spiral will eventually weave your golden silk string

In the darkness of the mother nature’s womb, when you isolated yourself into a cocoon

Thinking as if you are sinking into black hole

You were right, it is a sink

A black one which absorbs everything

You are absorbing all the colours, eating up all the light, burning all inside

Unknown of the day, when you see the light

As if you have reached the Heaven’s door

And others see the colours of you with an unmatched pattern of VIBGYOR

Now you are in reflective mode, and people call you as the ultimate giver.

By Anubhuti Saha

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