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By Anagh Chakraborty

We nowadays really have this tendency to get attached to a particular person.Attached in the sense we can’t stay without talking to that person even for a single day. In some cases even if we don’t talk with our favourite person for a few hour or so , we feel something is missing. In simple words the day is incomplete without you being talking to that particular person? I know we all have this person with whom we are attached to.

Attachments are basically very natural, it actually don’t depend on us whom we get attached to or when we get attached to a person. Our emotional forces picks the one with whose vibe’s it matches ,and then boom! We share a very different bond. A bond in which we share everything , from where we go, to what we have eaten , to our future plans , our thoughts! Even we copy each-other’s dialogues ,typing styles , tones etc. isn’t it fun? Exchanging all your precious things/thoughts with a person of your own? A person whom you can trust blindly? A person you know, will always be there for you in any situation? Yeah it’s a different feeling I know but the main thing is that how for much time this attachment lasts? Or are these attachments always constructive? Or these very attachments can destroy a individual’s life? There will be a various debates regarding this questions. In some cases we see, after a few years or so either of the person just drifts away and found someone new, where as the other individual suffers in the thoughts of what possibly they did wrong to loose the person. It actually won’t be an exaggeration to state that in most of the cases the attachments we have don’t generally lasts in forever kind of thingy. Yes I’m a believer of ‘nothing lasts forever’ and luckiest are those who inspite of the misunderstandings , fights ,difficult circumstances hold on to a single person and make that attachment grow bigger and bigger and bigger and convert it into something unbreakable. I’m not particularly talking about love in this , friendship can also have these type of attachment but generally we all know, don’t we? Whenever these kind of things happen either of the person catches feelings and from that very point everything started or seems to get changed. So attachments for me or from my perspective are generally harmful , now we can’t control whom we get attached to but at-least if any of us looses our favourite person ,we just need to take that in a positive way. Like I know in the beginning its never possible to be have an absolute optimistic approach.

Everything isn't meant to last forever. Its okay if someone you have always wanted to be in your life, somehow or for some reason is not with you right now.

Maybe some people come to our life only to teach us lessons or for making the journey ahead more beautiful by leaving certain points to make it even better. Maybe their actual purpose wasn't to stay but to introduce you to the people who will! Sometimes the people you want most in your life are the people you're better without, so please try to stay strong at such a point in your life.Initially, nothing will feel right and it can be really disturbing but trust me it's gonna be alright. In the thoughts of losing them, remember not to lose yourself.

Somethings are maybe better to just have a end without any closure, maybe you'll never understand why the thing happened? Nd will unable to figure out ever, that what went wrong? But, Never blame the situation or the person! No matter how much negativity it generates in your mind, or how much negative thoughts you get.

Take all of it in a positive manner and learn to let go! and please pray the same for the other person. Maybe genuinely, you both are better without each-other or maybe the other individual had also faced the same situation as yours and maybe they are also dealing the same which might have gone unnoticed. Thus, With sheer optimism say goodbye to all the endings, and welcome the new beginnings. You are brilliant and you will surely get what you deserve. Be patient, have faith! Love yourself be optimistic and keep spreading positivity. So, try to perceive good things in your life as perpetual. Make sure to let go of the things that are no longer necessary or the things which negatively affects you.

Good things take time! But trust me! Once that time arrives it really goes on and on and on.

Take care!

By Anagh Chakraborty

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