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At The Top

By Kaushik Raj

They say its lonely at the top..

Move aside..

I gotta take my shot.

My folks have already bet on me..

Their eyes light up when they see me..

I m the black sheep..

Yet, Their love made me deep.

Where I'm coming from…

Where I’m right now..

I have paid the prices you cant vow.

If i wanted just for me..

I wouldn't meet most of you I guarantee.

You see my arrogance.. take no shit behaviors?

Bcoz I learned from my failures.

I dealt alone..

Had to killed some of me to become a cyclone.

Calm from far..

Look deeper its bizarre.

I’m kind to angels..

Living hell to demons..

Yet , how do I manage to stay gentle?

Universe is the reason.

There is a reason i m late..

Goal is way bigger than you can relate..

They put so much faith in me..

Gonna bring my whole tribe to see.

It's a dead man smiling..

refuses to stop..

I won't look good alone at the top.

By Kaushik Raj

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