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At My Friends Village

By Siya Gusain

This summer vacation I went to my friends village with her, because there was the least threat of Covid. We both were tested negative for Covid hence we went there with full safety. As we entered the house her grandmother came took my bag and made me sit there comfortably. Then she brought some juice that she had made using the fresh flowers of the village. She was an amazing cook. After having food we rested for a while as we were tired after the journey. At evening

we went to explore the village, grandmother wanted to show me a mountain and a temple. Throughout the way we were talking to each other as if we had known each other for years. On reaching the mountain we were very exhausted. Before I asked for water grandmother took out some water, juice from her bag and plucked fresh fruits from the tree besides her. She was very enthusiastic and super energetic unlike us who got tired in walking just a bit. She could even climb a tree without any difficulty. After visiting the temple when we returned home grandmother went to the kitchen to prepare food. Meanwhile she came to me for talking I felt very bored without her. Our choices were very much similar that made our bonding more stronger. In a few time only she made me very comfortable and attached to her as if I was her own granddaughter.

By Siya Gusain

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