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Artwork By Vivek S

"(Tilt to right such that the silhouette is at the center) (To the left) 'She' can be bold, adventurous, righteous, ambitious, inspiring the women around, correcting the men and teaching them what is right, with fame and success following her, the masses desiring to be her, and 'she' has all the time in the world even after doing all of this...People perceive her one with horns, while some others think she wears a crown always (Queen indeed but never mean), but in her mind she just wants to flow like a river determined... (To the right) 'She' can be calm, innocent, intriguing, being her own creative self, having her own language of music, arts, origami and is often one with nature...(Either she lives that or she looks through the invisible glass wanting to release that side of her...desperate) She's being nerdy, wanting to give back humankind something in return for her stay...working hard to make her stay meaningful to other souls around her...diligent and motherly. Up top, 1967, 5 year old Kalpana Chawla dreams to be with the stars and her passion drives her (2003) to be inspiration. (Middle) 'She' is at the center...with all that 'she' can do around, looking like a glass about to shatter...but sees those only as endless possibilities within her grasp...and do you know why? What she has, in her mind and in her hands, amidst the noises, doubts and fears is... 'Hope' A tribute to every 'she' around us...Celebrating 'HER'"

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