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Artwork By Sneha Muralikrishnan

This is the portrait of Empress Ki Yang, who was offered as a tribute women from a korean dynasty Goryeo to the Yuan empire's Emperor Toghon Temür. She was very talented in martial arts, music, making tea for the emperor and also astonishingly beautiful too. She became one of the powerful women in history by conquering her husbands favor and the empire being a Goryeo women. In 1339, when Lady Gi gave birth to a son, Ayushiridara, whom Toghon Temür decided would be his successor, he was finally able to have Lady Gi named as his secondary wife in 1340.As the favorite wife of the emperor, Lady Gi was a very powerful woman in Yuan.The collapse of Yuan dynasty in 1368 forced her to flee to Yingchang's city, today's Inner Mongolia. In 1370, Toghon Temür died and his son ascended to the throne. Empress Gi became the Grand Empress, but soon after that went missing.

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