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Artwork By Sarah Barwaniwala

Updated: Feb 9

Name Of The Artwork: Guardian of the cosmos Caption Of Artwork: In this drawing, there's a cool superhero standing on the Earth like a boss. The background is all space with stars, making it look like the superhero is in space. The superhero seems happy and proud, like they're the king or queen of the universe! Name Of The Artwork: Life on Mars by Sarah Caption Of Artwork: In this artwork Mars comes alive with a bustling scene of extraterrestrial excitement! Cool green aliens with big eyes and friendly smiles roam around, exploring their red planet home. Rockets zoom through the sky, leaving trails of stardust as they journey to and from. It's a playful and imaginative glimpse into a world where space-faring aliens and futuristic rockets share the stage, creating a vibrant masterpiece that sparks wonder and joy. Name Of The Artwork: Beautiful Swans Caption Of Artwork: In this artwork, there are two beautiful light pink swans with their elegant necks glide across the water, creating ripples that reflect the soft hues of the surrounding landscape. The pond becomes a haven for these enchanting creatures. These strokes try to capture the magic of the serene moment.

Name Of The Artwork: Beautiful Kerela Caption Of Artwork: "Sail into Kerala's joy with vibrant strokes of teamwork and tradition!"

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