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Artwork By Samyak Gadkari

Updated: Jan 20

Name Of The Artwork: Chasing Waterfall Caption Of Artwork: Watercolours on art paper, size A3 Name Of The Artwork: Starry Sky Caption Of Artwork: Water colours on 300 GSM cold pressed sheet, Size- A3 Name Of The Artwork: Forest Hill Caption Of Artwork: Samyak Gadkari is an aspiring artist from Mumbai who loves to express his passion for art through paintings. His love for art is as boundless as the vast Mumbai skyline, bringing a level joy that can only be from raw expression and unrestricted creativity. His art is full of vibrant colors. His artwork is based on the forms that he observes in nature, which he uses as a starting point to create an imaginative, abstract work of art. He loves to use watercolors because it offers unique spontaneity of the medium that he finds most fascinating. Through his unique and unrestricted style of painting, he is providing a glimpse into his ever-expanding inner-world that creates strong, bold and vibrant artwork. His nonjudgmental creative approach to art allows for unbridled exploration into a realm few can comprehend. Name Of The Artwork: Lotus feet Caption Of Artwork: Watercolours and acrylics size A5 Name Of The Artwork: Saturn in opposition Caption Of Artwork: Water colours on art paper, size A3

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Prachi Gadkari
Prachi Gadkari
Jan 08
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Amazing talent

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