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Artwork By Nivedita Singh

Updated: Feb 2

Name Of The Artwork: Celestial Melody Caption Of Artwork: Amidst the strokes of passion and the warmth of coffee tones, Radha and Krishna transcend mortal bounds, their love weaving a tapestry of spiritual ecstasy Name Of The Artwork: Transcendent Euphony Caption Of Artwork: With strokes as vivid as his cosmic presence, this portrait of Krishna radiates the hues of joy, wisdom, and divine love, inviting you into the kaleidoscope of his eternal grace Name Of The Artwork: Symmetry in Duality - Mandala Art Caption Of Artwork: Mirroring patterns across axes, this artwork reflects the harmony found in duality, where opposites dance in perfect balance, creating a visual poetry of symmetry Name Of The Artwork: Eternal Bloom Caption Of Artwork: As Krishna closes his eyes, the canvas blooms with the radiant colors of celestial flowers, each petal whispering the secrets of transcendental serenity Name Of The Artwork: Sunflower Serenade - Knife Painting Caption Of Artwork: Sunflowers dance beneath a starry night, their golden faces reflecting the cosmic symphony above—a serene fusion of earthly warmth and celestial glow

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