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Artwork By Mehak Arya

Updated: Feb 8

Name Of The Artwork: Serpentine symphony Caption Of Artwork: A captivating art piece which beautifully captures the essence of a snake with a achromatic palette, with a red feirce eye suggesting depth and mystery. Name Of The Artwork: Wisdom in Sips Caption Of Artwork: An old man is rendered using a monochromatic palette, relying solely on the blue ink of the ballpoint pen to create depth, shading and texture. Each pen stroke adds to the realistic appearance of the old, wrinkled, bearded man. Name Of The Artwork: Vibrant Steps of Orange Caption Of Artwork: This artwork effortlessly blends the iconic Converse shoe with the vibrant and energetic pallette of orange which depicts smoothgoing flow and coolness, energy and creativity. It appreciates the fusion of fashion and art. Name Of The Artwork: Divinity of Durga Caption Of Artwork: This painting on wood tries to showcase the power and divinity of Goddess Durga. The lion which embodies strength, bravery, and regality, stands majestically behind her. A halo on the top depicts her aura of sanctity done in gold foil to showcase her divine glow. Her face expressions are fierce yet royal and calm. She is adorned in a red saree draped elegantly around her symbolizing auspiciousness, grace and power. Name Of The Artwork: The Enlightened One Caption Of Artwork: Buddha, in rich, velvety charcoal strokes depicts serenity captured in a gentle yet profound expression, closed eyes, comveying tranquility and wisdom. Behind the buddha, intricate floral patterns of delicate decoupage flowers unfolds, contrasting with the grayscale tones of charcoal. This background creates a harmonious blend of nature and spirituality.

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