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Artwork By Meet Hansora

I tried my best to draw Geetaji in single frame, hence it is impossible to accommodate the infinite knowledge in one frame. I expressed important points such as sankva yog, karm yog, bhakti yog and gyan yog, along with vishwaroop darshan. The painting Starts from left bottom corner were Lord krishna giving the whole gyan (spiritual knowledge) to Arjun during the Mahabharat yudh after seeing the both alliance and in the middle of kurukshetra. The gyan which delivered by krishna is drawn in wave shape from left top corner to right bottom corner (to the charn of lord) . drawing in wave starting from body is formed with seven divya chakras, prakriti and purush ( birds, fish, trees, butter fly , human atma) are divided from "om" which depicts the god. atma enters in to the body of humans which remains unchanged after getting aged, even after the death of human. Atma can't kill with sastra / astra, can't burn with fire, can't dried with wind and can't wet with water. it transfer from one body to another body . here the atma the elements of god is our identity. from the first section we knew that we are not a body but atma. the second section in the wave shows the ants taking a huge leaf together. it shows the unity. Unity is darma, being united in society is progressive for all being. the karma yog continue with a man carving himself doing karma for better himself while avoiding the imagination of sukh and dukh. the karma in carving also emerged in soil and creating mud.Mud grows beautiful lotus which means with karma we have to also Beautifying the surrounding(also make society prosperous). The right part of the wave indicate the Bhakti yog a bhakti can be done by Tap, jap, satsang is discribed in the drawing. The whole gyan discried is accommodate in the charan of vishwaroop. the vishwaroop consisting whole gyan and vigyan presents in universe. here a sudarshan and vajra in sastra are immersed in lord, lord vishnu says the he is kamdhenu in cow, vasuki in snake, pipal in tree, shing in animals, goddess, vajra in sastra, araavaat in elephant, ved in books, universe, matsya, etc is shown in the sky below and above the wave shape.this knowledge takes us from darkness to light.

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