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Artwork By Lokesh Nayak

"COVID -19 pandemic caused lockdown which freezes many projects of construction and thus labours getting jobless and has no work to do, having lack of Money made hard to survive in city, many labours migrate towards their home Village before lockdown but some remain in city haping far recovery, but condition got worst when lockdown remain longer and they don't have money for food even they can't go to their village as none of the transport is active, many attempt to reach their destination by walk without footwear. Roads represent their path to homered road represents their blood on path as they walk without footwear leads wounds on their foot and another problem is police who prevents them to walk out also they got beaten by cops somewhere. Red square represents their home, home is the most peaceful place for all of us but for poor it is not less than a cage, as they don't have money to feed and fullfill their needs. So how can they live in home peacefully."

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