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Artwork By Jahnavi Maganti

Updated: Feb 14

Name Of The Artwork: Simba' Caption Of Artwork: It is a Pull-Me-Apart Lion Sculpture that reveals a hidden secret message inside! All handmade. 71 Manual sculpting hours, 21 days of innovation and 6 recyclable materials used to sculpt this Lion. Name Of The Artwork: The Crest' Caption Of Artwork: Like the serene waves of an ocean that foam up at the 'crest'. 2 x 3ft 3D painting to showcase the flow of waves. Name Of The Artwork: Sunrise and Sunset' Caption Of Artwork: A 3D Artwork on canvas which depicts the hustle and bustle around a sunrise (on the right) while a sunset is often lonely and serene (on the left) Name Of The Artwork: The Narrative' Caption Of Artwork: This Sculptural 3D Artwork questions the relevance and honesty of NEWS and Media and how much of it is being manipulated. It brings forward the unpsoken stories and truths that are hidden away behind the commercial element of NEWs now a days.

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