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Artwork By Isha Attreya

Updated: Mar 20

Name Of The Artwork: Radha Krishna painting Caption Of Artwork: Radha Krishna painting on A3 sheet. Material used : acrylic colours, sketch colours, water colour and glitter. Name Of The Artwork: OLD MAN Caption Of Artwork: Pencil sketch of an Old Man, material used : HB pencil, 2B, 6B, 8B, tools for beared look, eraser and white highliter for highlights Name Of The Artwork: Happy Old Lady Caption Of Artwork: Pencil sketch of a happy old lady who is surprised by her grandson, material used : HB pencil, 2B,6B,8B and charcoal pencil, eraser and white highlighter for her skin texture and highlights. Name Of The Artwork: Knife painting of the Beautiful nature Caption Of Artwork: Beautiful nature on canvas, material used : pellete knives, tune acrylic colours. Name Of The Artwork: Welcome 🙏 Caption Of Artwork: Three rural ladies welcomes tourist in their beauty place, material used : oil pestals colours, sketch pens.

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