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Artwork By Avani Gawade

"Vilay is not just any dwelling. The inspiration for this house is drawn from old Maharashtrian wadas of the early 18th century. As time passed, the idea of a traditional Marathi house passed down from one generation to the next, infesting this in the minds of future generations. Over time the traditional houses evolved into more contemporary, new-fashioned houses with more up-to-date amenities. Unlike most of the current Marathas, my mother adores the idea of a Wada-themed house and has always dreamed of one. She often describes the concept of her ""dream house"". Considering this description and keeping the modern-day requirements in mind, I have designed Vilay. Vilay is a combination of modern-day architecture and olden wada interiors, giving the end user a perfect balance of the past and present at any moment. Wadas were scientifically designed to provide adequate ventilation and regulate the surrounding air temperature by various methods. I have attempted to include some of these, such as open ceilings and ample ventilation. *Note- Walls and windows of the rooms have been excluded for the viewer to get a clear look at all rooms."

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