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Artwork By Aniket Chandra Saxena

"There are times when you fear of failure but have no urge to be productive, When you want friends but hate to socialise, When you feel everything at once and then feel nothing at all, Everything seems to be indefinable.. Just caring about nothing and then caring for everything at once... Loving yourself to all extents and then taking yourself for granted That's how it feels, being in the middle of Chaos.. But, it's okay It's okay if you can't be someone who people wished for It's okay to not let anyone in your life until you feel like letting in It's okay to keep limitations in your actions for a while... Untill you don't fight and bring yourself out of the mess you've created out of your life... it's okay to be alone just by yourself Yes you may be amazing or mesmerizing or beautiful but you can't be your true self until you are amidst your Chaos.. You may attract few in that journey but those won't last and fade too soon... They say, Calm and Chaos are born together Choose that Calm for yourself, to rise's okay to not share it Remember: ""Be you-to-yourself to be you-for-someone else""♥️ The three kinds of flowers represent us, and the rest represent the diverse chaos that we go through in our lives... PS: Some Chaos’s are beautiful "

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