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Artwork By Aishwarya Rath

Updated: Jan 30

Name Of The Artwork: A beautiful sunset by Aishwarya Rath Caption Of Artwork: Sunset are the reason we should believe in beautiful endings. Name Of The Artwork: Oceans and waves by Aishwarya Rath Caption Of Artwork: Ocean, waves and corals purifies your mind by its subtleness. Name Of The Artwork: Fall 🍂 by Aishwarya Rath Caption Of Artwork: The beginning of love was made by Aishwarya with acrylic colours and canvas sheet. Just like her love for art is irresistible, the love for nature is too. Name Of The Artwork: Lotus as the cleanest. Caption Of Artwork: No matter where the lotus is growing in a dirty mud it always blooms beautifully just like Aishwarya paints anywhere in the house with her canvas and paint it turns out beautiful just like lotus. Name Of The Artwork: First love Caption Of Artwork: Tulip symbolizes first love till eternity, Aishwarya's love for Art is the same .

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