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Artwork By Ahana T M

Updated: Feb 23

Name Of The Artwork: Harmony in Paper: Hanuman and Ram Caption Of Artwork: Paper Cut celebrating the timeless bond between Hanuman and Ram, intricately crafted with precision and devotion. Name Of The Artwork: Palette of Friendship Caption Of Artwork: Six envelopes of watercolor love, baked into the sweet canvas of cookies, creating a masterpiece of joy for a cherished friend's first gift Name Of The Artwork: Divine Matrimony Caption Of Artwork: In the embrace of Krishna and Satyabhama, echoes the eternal love of wedded bliss—a radiant tapestry of devotion that mirrors the sacred union of hearts, glowing with the luminosity of marital love. Name Of The Artwork: Resilient Remedy Caption Of Artwork: Embracing the healing journey, this minion crafted from discarded medicine bottles embodies the spirit of finding joy in adversity. Despite the bitter taste of medication and hospital stays, it stands as a whimsical reminder that laughter can be the best medicine.

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