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Are You My Soulmate?

By Tanmay Kumar Shrivastava

My soulmate, these words are for you

Reflecting affections decidedly true

Fabulous looking you're attractive to me

Every day I'm in love with the visage I see

You work hard at your job, that's what you do best

You know how and skills surpass all the rest

Your humor and wit is what keeps us on track

Your spirited laugh I always laugh back

Your charm and your smile just light up your face

I look up to you for wisdom and grace

We go to the movies, it’s one of our treats

Munching on popcorn, snug in our seats

I’ll watch any musical, with you by my side

Up on the screen, we see life magnified

Singing their hearts out up on the screen

Dancing in places where we’ve never been

When you're out for a stroll, I now realize

At the top of your list is great exercise

I’m thrilled and impressed at what you can do

For each passing day always feels somewhat new

Through ups and the downs, inseparably best

Whether we’re north, south, east or the west

We make the best plans when things might get tough

I know that you're made of real hearty stuff

You're my true soulmate, the one just for me

And with you dear, I'm honored to be

By Tanmay Kumar Shrivastava

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