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Are You Aware?

By Kamna Nanda

When no one is watching

In a closed room

A sudden inactivity is slowly spreading its spell.

Ringing and raging words

From the people with too many words to tell

And none to act on,

Are slowly filling your empty head.

Shouting sensation in the chest

About everything with a possibility of 0.1 percent

Is spiraling you down, right then and there

Into the ground beneath.

Are you aware?

Scrolling down post after post

Invoking emotions of thousand colors

Reminding you

Of everything you ever lacked

And what all you still don’t have

After so many years.

A gush of feelings, all so foreign

Is making you forget

What you are made of,


Grass seems denser from afar,

Are you aware?

You promised your body some care.

The right food, the adequate sleep,

Some prevention

And some fresh air.

Lying on the couch

With every tick of the clock

The skin grows numb

And the organs

Slowly, adjust to the junk.

Blame it on some lack of perfusion,

Some recklessness and some eases.

But the betrayed body

Is being housed by the diseases,

Contracting them all

Very, very slowly.

Are you aware?

Hour by hour

You are killing your precious sleep

For that one more ‘something’

From the sea of instant gratification

So unending, so deep.

Betrayed last night’s sleep is a shark

Feeding on the morrow’s beauty.

The night’s emptiness eats from within

And the cycle demands continuity.

In the pursuit of happiness

You are being followed by despair.

Are you Aware?

By Kamna Nanda

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